Space Technology for Industry

Melior Systems GmbH is a startup focused on space spin-off technology with the mission to bring space assets to the wider industry, creating and building value out of technological innovation and smart business applications. Our team has extensive experience in science, research & development, and technology in several industries. We identify the key for success in dreaming big, working hard, being motivated and enthusiastic about the impact we make with our work, coming to the office every day should and must be enjoyable. We aim to shape the future.

Core Values

Team and Collaborative

Team before ego. Be collaborative, fair, open, critic and respectful.

Innovation and Excellence

Challenge the Status Quo. Solve interesting problems with interesting solutions.

Results, Trust & Quality

Deliver and drive for results with high quality and stakeholders satisfaction.

Visionary and daily passion

Align short and long term plans. Enjoy daily work and build on your vision.

Our Products & Services

We focus our effort on delivering quality results, in time and budget.

Operations & Engineering

Design, development, integration and operations of space technology in close partnership with our clients.

Positioning, Navigation and Timing

Extensive experience in the PNT domain provides know-how to our client for new products and critical infrastructure.

Hardware and Software

Delivering HW&SW solutions to maintain and improve business operations.

Connecting Science with Industry: We bring key innovation to meet daily industry needs.

Our Contributions

We build and deliver space technology as a New Space Company, creating added value to the wider industry.

We also work closely with traditional space players to help them further push space benefits to the society.

We help our clients to improve their operations, providing support and know-how to critical infrastructure development.

Space assets are applied to traditional problems which propose new solutions, with clear added value in terms of business and technical requirements.